How to manage DNS records from Client Area?

If you have bought your domain from us, you can manage the DNS records of the domain from the client area.

  • To do that, first, Log in to the client area using your login details. Then from the Dashboard click on “Domains” or you can also click “My Domains” under the Domains section in the top menu bar.


  • You will be taken to a list of the domains that you currently own. Click on the setting button beside your domain name.


  • On the next page, you will see this type of interface. You can find the Managing Domain Dashboard on this page. Here click “DNS Management” on your right-hand side under the Manage bar.
  • Here you can see all your domain DNS. Click the “A (address)”  box under “Record Type” button to add a new record & select your Record Type.
  • 5. After selecting “Record Type”, You have to enter ‘Host Name’ & Value in “Address” Box. Priority Record only for MX record Only
  • Then click the “Save Changes” button

  • 6. After clicking “Save Changes” button, you will see a record added confirmation massage. Done. A new DNS record was added successfully.

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