How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel

You can create a subdomain for your website in cPanel in a few easy steps. It allows you to create a subsection of your website under the same account existing as a separate site without the need to register a new domain. With this guide, users can set up a new subdomain for their website..

Log in to cPanel:

    • Access your cPanel account by visiting or the URL provided by us as hostname such as
    • Log in with your cPanel username and password.

Locate the “Domains” Section:

    • In cPanel, look for a section typically labeled as “Domains”.

    • In Domains, Click the Create A New Domain button:

    • After clicking Create A New Domain button, Enter the subdomain name to add in the Domain text box:.
    • Deselect the “Share document root (/home/username/public_html) with “domain.tld”.” option and enter the directory where you want the files for this subdomain to exist:

    •  Click the Submit button:

    • A success confirmation appears advising that the new subdomain is created.


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