How to add Addon Domains in cPanel?

cPanel provides a feature called Addon Domain through which you can host multiple domains at a time; and you can do it right from a single cPanel account.

Such a feature is beneficial should you want to add additional domains to a single cPanel account whether it be for other websites or development staging areas for website testing, that’s why we hope knowing How to add Addon Domains in cPanel will be an informative article for you.

Adding Addon Domain

1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or

2. Navigate to Domains → Addon Domains.

3. Enter the necessary information in the fields,

New Domain Name: Enter your new domain name, which you would like to host as an addon in the cPanel.

Subdomain: As per the domain entry, cPanel automatically creates a subdomain entry for the addon domain name.

Document Root: Once you enter the domain name, cPanel automatically specifies the document root for the addon domain. Also, you can configure the custom document root for the new addon domain.

4. Now, finalize the addition of the domain name → click on “Add Domain“

5. Congratulations! You have successfully added the addon domain in cPanel.

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